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Video slots have become the latest rage in online casinos and millions of players from around the world access casino sites with the sole intention of playing a video slot game. These games combine the action on a standard slot with great graphics, amazing sound effects, additional paylines and even bonus rounds within the game. Video slots are developed by great software companies and are often themed games. Many video slot games will also be linked to a progressive jackpot, offering players great chances to win life altering amounts. These casino games are by far the most popular found in any online casino and players will find that they have many choices when it comes time to choose a slot title for their gambling needs.

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Single Line 5 Reel Slots

One type of video slot is a single line five reel game. These games offer more chance to win because they are played with five reels instead of three that are found on a traditional slot. However, there is just one payline. This does make the game affordable and attracts many new players who are looking for better payouts and frequent wins. Video slots with a single payline will not usually offer the excitement of a multi-line slot, but they can be just as rewarding. The great thing about these games is that they are affordable for most 0players and still have some of the great features that video slot games are known for. Some of these features will include wild symbols, scatter icons and bonus rounds. In addition to the added features, many of these games have high paying fixed jackpots and they can all be played for various coin denominations.

Multi-Line 5 Reel Slots

Multi-line five reel slots are the kings of the casino. These games attract the most players and offer an incredible experience. With a multi-line video slot, players will usually find 9 paylines or more, with some games having as many as 100 paylines available. Players should choose a game they can afford when playing all paylines. If all lines are not played, players can miss out on jackpots and bonus rounds, which are what attract players in the first place. Multi-line video slots are very rewarding and can provide multiple payouts on a single spin. The bonus rounds are intriguing and rewarding and can include free spin rounds or second screen bonuses. These video slot games are by far the most played games in any online casino and continue to attract new players from around the world.