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How Payout Percentages Work in Slots

When players enter an online casino, one of the things they should examine is the payout percentages of the games that are supported. With slots, this information should be available to all players and is usually displayed somewhere on the screen of the machine that is chosen. Payout percentages can greatly help players choose a casino game, especially when they are faced with hundreds of choices. These percentages will indicate the payouts of the game and will help players locate the best possible chances of winning on slots in an online casino. The top online casinos will have an independent company test all games for fairness, and during this process, the payout percentages will be verified. This will indicate that the games meet industry standards and that the percentages offered by the casino are in fact honest figures.

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What are Payout Percentages?

Many players have the wrong idea of what payout percentages actually are. Some players will see the percentage and immediately think that that is the amount they will win if they choose to play that particular game. However, a payout percentage is an amount that the game returns over a period of time. For example, if the slot machine states it has a 98% payout percentage, then over time, the casino will pay out $98 on every $100. This amount will not be awarded all at one time, so players should not assume that they will instantly be a winner. When choosing a slot game online, players should always take a look at the percentages and see that they have been verified as this information will help players make educated decisions on what games are best to play.

Why They Afect You

Payout percentages can directly affect the outcome of any slot game. As a new player, it is advised to compare different slot machines of interest and always choose the one that offers the higher percentage. Doing so will mean that players will have a better chance of winning more money if they play the game long enough. A high payout percentage will not guarantee a win on any slot game, but it will let players know exactly how much of the wager the casino is keeping and what the expected return on the game should be. Payout percentages can vary since they are based on an average of wagers and payouts, but generally, players will find online slots to offer percentages between 97% and 99%. These figures should always be verified by an independent auditing company and if players do not see that the games have been tested, they may benefit from choosing another online casino that can verify all payout percentages.