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Online Slots Dictionary & Glossary of Terms

When players enter an online casino for the first time ever, they will come across many terms that they may not be familiar with or understand. In order to make the best of an online gambling situation, it is important for players to know all about the games they are about to play. When it comes to online slots, players will hear a variety of words that apply to playing the games. By learning what these terms mean and how they apply to the experience of playing online slots, players will have a better experience and will be better prepared to begin playing these amazing games for cash rewards. The terms are generally the same for most players though certain areas of the world will have different words that apply to online slots.

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The following terms are those that are most popular in online casinos. Players who take the time to learn these terms can apply them to their game and be able to enjoy online slots at a different level.

Traditional slots - these are also called classic slots. These games are played on three reels and generally have a single payline, though some will offer five paylines.

Video slots - these are the latest rage amongst players and offer multiple paylines, bonus rounds, animated graphics and additional game features.

Scatter symbols - these appear in video slots and will award a payout when two or more appear on the reels at the same time. Players should note that these symbols do not have to appear on a payline.

Wild symbols - these can appear in traditional or video slots and are a specific symbol that will substitute for other symbols used in the game.

Payout percentage - this is an important term when playing online slots and refers to the amount that a slot machine will payout over a period of time.

Paylines - these are the lines of the machine in which players will place their bets. When playing a multiple payline game, players should bet on all lines available.

Betting Options - most online slots will allow players to select a coin denomination to suit their budget. Players can usually choose from $0.01 and higher.

Progressive Jackpots - these are offered on specific games and are high amounts. Most progressives will require a maximum bet. The progressive jackpot is a payout that is in addition to those displayed on the pay table.

Pay Table - this is the chart that shows the winning combinations in the game and the required number of symbols. It will also show what the amount of the winnings will be.

Pokies and Fruit Machines - these are names that are used by Australian and UK players. They both mean slots.