Pick and Choose Online Slots Bonus Games

One of the most exciting parts of playing an online slot game is activating a bonus round. When players choose a video slot, they will find that there are two basic bonus rounds available, a free spin round and a pick and choose bonus. The pick and choose bonus is offered on a number of top rated slot games and is a second screen bonus that will provide players with an excellent opportunity to win extra money. With this bonus, players are guaranteed a win, whereas with a free spin round, it is possible to go all free spins with no payouts. The pick and choose bonus is a simple bonus round that players can enjoy as they watch their bankroll increase.

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When a pick and choose bonus is activated, players will move to a second screen on the slot machine. Here, they will usually see a variety of items on the screen. The goal is to choose items to reveal the highest possible wins. Some pick and choose bonus rounds will not only include bonus amounts, but can also offer multipliers that can really make this bonus lucrative.

Many pick and choose bonuses are related to the theme of the game and players will enjoy some great graphics, sounds and even animations during these bonus rounds. The great thing about a pick and choose slot bonus is that no matter how the player performs, they will always win something. Most of these bonuses will allow players a certain number of selections, but there are pick and choose bonus rounds that will allow the player to continue choosing until they reveal a Collect or Stop symbol.

When this bonus round comes to an end, all winnings will automatically be added to the credits in the machine and the normal game will resume. These bonuses can be triggered many times during a single session on a slot game and are favoured by many players looking for a game with instant payouts. Pick and choose bonuses are usually offered on slot games that do not feature a free spin round, but they can also be found as a second bonus option on a number of top slot games online.

When players trigger these awesome bonus rounds, they will enjoy watching their bonus amounts add up. A pick and choose bonus will generally award decent amounts and the payouts will be based on the amount of the wager the player has placed on the activating spin on the game. These bonuses are great features on slots and can be found on hundreds of slot games by top creators. With huge payouts and lots of excitement, pick and choose bonuses will really make the game interesting and rewarding.