Remember These Truths About Online Slots

Published: April 13, 2015

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What do you know about online slot games? Or, at least what do you think you know? There are a lot of myths out there about slots online, and so we thought we might refresh your memory a little with some things that are, at least in our own estimation, the absolute truth.

1 – Slots are not predictable. Always remember that slots, whether they are played online or in the land-based environment, do not have an outcome that you, as the player, can have any effect on. Instead, it works on random spinning of the wheels, which is produced by something called the Random Number Generator, or RNG, in which, truth be told, the outcome of the event is pre-determined. That is to say, the RNG is already made up its mind as to where the reels will stop. So there is nothing you can do to make the reels come to a halt in a strategic place. Forget about that.

2 – You may be better off going to an online casino that has a lot of slots to choose from. Generally speaking, if an online casino has relatively few slots, they probably have to make a larger margin on each of those games. If you are playing in a casino that has a couple of hundred slot games, the case might be a bit different. Furthermore, you're going to get much more choice going to a casino that has a larger collection of games. In other words, you'll have more of the classic slots, five-real slots, the video slots, etc.

3 – it is important to bet the maximum of five coins in order to get the highest payout. We wish we could tell you something different, but this is just a fact of life in the online slots world. That is, in fact, the incentive to getting you to put forth a maximum wager. So obviously this can be controlled; when you are constructing your wager, there are three components – the coin denomination, the number of pay lines you are going to enable, and the number of coins you are going to play. It is your choice, and of course bankroll considerations come into play here as well.

4 – if you are looking to make your money last a little longer, stay off of those special options like Autoplay. Microgaming, in addition to some other designers, have an option that lets you set a wager, click a button, and that the reels spin by themselves. They go fast, and so can your bankroll. So if you are looking to spend some time and get the maximum enjoyment with a limited bankroll, don't put yourself in a position where it can all get eaten up in a hurry. I guess we are advising you to go slower, IF that's the kind of position you're in.

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