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Three line slot games are not the most popular in an online casino, but they still attract a crowd. Players who enjoy the simplicity of these standard slots will be impressed with the graphics and high payouts that are available. To make the game more exciting, there are game titles that offer more than one payline. Traditional slots are the best choice for new players in an online casino. Since these games are not difficult to learn and are affordable to play, they make a great beginner choice. Three reel slots can be found in different versions, including a single and multi-line format. Each of these types of games will offer players great opportunities to win and some amazing slot excitement online.

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Single Line 3 Reel Slots

Single line three reel slots are the most common form of the game. These are the classic slots that used to be offered in Vegas and players often refer to them as One Armed Bandits. These games only have three reels and one solitary payline, so all winning combinations must appear on this one line to receive a payout. These games are the simplest form of a slot in online casinos. While they may not be the most popular, they can be found in all major online casinos and are created by top software companies. Single payline slot games offer simplicity and ease of play, but can also be very rewarding. These games often have higher betting options, allowing the game to be played by beginners or high rollers.

Multi-Line 3 Reel Slots

The other type of three reel slots is the multi-line game. Instead of only having a single payline, these games will offer between 3 and 5 lines of action. Multi-line traditional slots are much more popular than a single line game because they offer players more chances to win. Many times, these games will have high paying jackpots that can be very rewarding. Multi-line slots can be costly and many are offered for $0.05 and up per payline. Players who have higher budgets will benefit from placing maximum bets on these games as they are known to offer frequent payouts. These games may not be as exciting as a video slot game, but they are a casino classic and can be found in just about every top inline casino.